Emirates Airline To Hand Out Crew Windows 8-Powered Tablet

Emirates Airline is reportedly handing out 1,000 Windows 8-powered HP ElitePad 900 tablets to its crew and staff as part of their technology upgrade being implemented in the company.

Known as a pioneer in incorporating cutting-edge technologies to its service, Emirates Airlines makes sure its employees will have a first crack at these wonderful devices.

Emirates announced Monday their plans to provide their staffs with Windows 8-tablets during the software’s launch event in Dubai. The airline company said the lightweight, long battery life features of HP ElitePad 900 makes the device perfect for their businesses.

“To support our crew, we have created an application on Windows 8 that delivers a unique, personalized experience with the necessary information for our cabin crew to better serve the needs of customers,” Emirates Cabin Crew senior vice president Kevin Griffiths said in a statement. “The Windows 8 platform running on HP ElitePad 900 devices gave us this option, allowing us to create the KIS app that enables our crew to offer an experience not available on other airlines.”

According to Emirates, the tablets will come with a built-in airline-specific app called Knowledge Driven In-Flight Services (KIS), which is specifically developed to disseminate key airline information. The Arab Airline company has been using KIS since 2004 but this marks the first time it’s going to use it on tablets.

However, Emirates staffs have to wait until next year to have their hands on these tablets because HP ElitePad 900 won’t be available on the market until January 2013. Emirates targets 100 tablets to be distributed in January and 1,000 by the end of the year.

Last October, Emirates announced its plan to upgrade their communication signals by installing Wi-Fi connection in their airplanes, allowing passengers to enjoy calling via their mobile phones during flights. The Arab airline company became the first to let passengers use cellphones during flight in 2006.

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