EE Has Delayed SIM-Free Tariffs, Likely Due To Spectrum Differences

EE has just recently begun rolling out their 4G LTE network to cities all over the UK, but it seems that they might have encountered a bump in the road for some of their potential customers as the carrier has just recently announced that they are behind schedule to launch their SIM-only tariffs. For many customers in the United Kingdom, there was the expectation that EE’s SIM-only tariffs would be available starting today, but EE at the last minute has highlighted the specialized plans that won’t be ready for what could be a few week from now. There is a lot of disappointment, but the issue is most likely because the 4G LTE spectrum is a whole lot more complicated than the 3G spectrum. The differences in wireless spectrum is most likely the reasoning for the delay in these plans, but EE had something else to say on the matter. Here is there exact statement on why the tariffs were delayed:

The launch of SIM only plans (due Nov 9) will be delayed by a few days as a result of our comprehensive testing process over-running slightly. We know many customers are anticipating these plans and apologise for this short hold up. However they will be reassured that we are determined to offer the very best service possible.

EE also released another statement:

Our 4GEE SIM only plans will now be launching within the next two weeks. We know many customers are keen to get their hands on our SIM only plans and we are looking forward to offering them as soon as our testing process is complete. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

I hope this delay isn’t going to cause a whole lot of inconvenience for the EE 4G LTE customers. There are a lot of you that are really wanting to take advantage of EE’s new LTE market and the LTE-compatible Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. Just two more weeks guys. Two more weeks. Hopefully EE won’t experience anymore issues with these new plans.

Did you plan on getting a SIM-free tariff today? Do you think that EE should warn in advance instead of last minute? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Tech Crunch