EA Sports Already Sold 7.4 Million Copies of FIFA 13

Electronic Arts continued to rack up big money from the sales of their sports simulation games this year after announcing it has already sold over seven million copies of FIFA 13 in just four weeks in the market.

EA reported their latest soccer game has already sold 7.4 million units since its launching last September. However, the developer has not released the figures for each platform.

FIFA 13, which features a newly revamped career mode along with a first touch control, is playable on XBOX 360, PC, PS3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation VITA.

FIFA 13 is also available for Android and iOS operating system but the latest report does not include the mobile sales generated by game downloads

EA Sports is optimistic the figures will further go up in the coming weeks after the release of the Wii version of the game in November.

EA Sports has already made updates to address some of the bugs in the game, including the rare occurrence of the ball becoming invisible during games play, rare cases of physics elasticity when both players collide, stability of FIFA Ultimate Team during single player tournaments, and others.

Electronic Arts previously defended itself from allegations that it is taking for granted the call of their customers to patch bugs occurring in their game.

“Our fans have engaged with FIFA 13 in record numbers,” an EA statement issued to the BBC reads. “On any given day, more than 1m online game sessions of FIFA are played by our fans in the UK.”

The spokesperson for EA said the high-level of traffic caused gamers to encounter issues during their playing sessions. Nevertheless, EA claimed they are always ready to fix the problem.

“But as with any product or online service with such a high level of traffic and popularity, there will be some circumstances where fans experience challenges or issues.

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