Dropbox Surpasses 100 Million Users; Introduces a New Feature called Chooser

Dropbox, the online storage service, just got bigger and better.

Dropbox, last week, became a ‘feature’ for more than 100 million users. The milestone is crucial for a company which is keen in catching up on big-players like Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft- companies which are offering sophisticated cloud storage services. Though 100 million is a pretty decent number for a start-up, Drew Houston, one of the founders of the company, feels that there is more to come.

“Even 100 million is still at a single dot percentage of the people we could reach. There are companies which are busy trying to build something which we had four years ago. We’re out front. We’re already out there and building smaller features and things. All those other companies have turf to protect, and they’re fighting a battle on a totally different front.” said Drew Houston, in an interview.

Though Apple’s iCloud boasts an eye-popping number of 190 million users, it is constrained to just the iOS and Mac devices. Dropbox’s strategy, however, focuses on providing a service, which allows people to save file from anywhere, anytime, from any device- regardless of the logo on the back side.

To keep up with the ever-escalating competition, Dropbox has launched a new service called Dropbox Chooser, which allows you to “Attach files from Dropbox”, without the need to “Upload it from your computer”. This would allow users to maintain a more consistent, and up-to-date version of the file, rather than conventional approach-which showcased documents, that were updated days, or months, ago. As your files are always in sync with Dropbox, you don’t need to upload a more recent copy of the file.

The idea here is to provide developers, a more consistent and standardized tool to handle the attachment process. Developers can now add the Chooser to their site, with just a snippet of HTML, or a rather complex Java Script implementation.

According to Dropbox, its user-base has quadrupled since the last year, and continues to grow at an astonishing pace. Last year, the company raised a whooping $250 million in venture capital, which jumped the company’s estimated valuation to over $4 billion. Dropbox accredits this historic milestone to small businesses and more customers, who ported their personal and professional files to Internet.

With Dropbox expanding its realm by offering sophisticated storage service, we look forward to an era- where everything would be stored in the cloud.

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