Data Usage Up On AT&T And T-Mobile, Down On Verizon And Sprint

Fierce Wireless and NPD Connected Intelligence joined together to start a joint study. They’ve been tracking data usage of Android and iOS users across the big four carriers in the United States: Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. The image above is the charge of the average data usage from the tracked users over the past 6 months. T-Mobile and AT&T have been fairly high, while Verizon and Sprint have been consistently heading downwards (which is surprising considering how many people use Verizon). Average use of data in September was 1.09, 0.89, 0.57 and 0.68GB on T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, respectively.

T-Mobile offering up their unlimited data is enough to explain why the usage has increased, and AT&T just starting to move to the data-friendly shared plans would also explain it for AT&T too. It is interesting to see Verizon’s average usage go down after its expansive rollout of LTE, not only that but they are the largest network in the United States too. It is important to note that most of Verizon’s phones as of late have software built-in that forces the user to keep the Wi-Fi on more often. That could also explain why their average usage is on the low. Sprint most recently is becoming well-know for extremely slow 3G data speeds. Not only that, but their LTE network isn’t really at a point where its something to boast of. That said, it’s not surprising to see their data usage heading downwards.

source: Fierce Wireless