Cyber Monday Shopping Guide 2012 — Video Games

While we have our smartphone and tablet shopping guide, what you might want to look at is an extensive list of video games that have gone on sale. Hate paying $60 per video game? I do too, and thanks to the Steam Autumn Sale and Amazon’s flash deals, you and I can save a ton of money on video games. In order to save money and build wealth though, I’ve kept myself limited to three games that should last me a while. Of course, when I say “a while” I mean two weeks or so until Steam has the holiday sale going. For now though, here’s quite a few games that have gone on sale that you should take a look at:

Steam Autumn Sale: Realm of Gamer’s has been covering the Steam Autumn Sale this week (although they seemed to have missed yesterday) highlighting all of the major deals that are available. According to them, Skyrim (surprisingly) is 50% off on Steam right now, meaning it only costs $30. If you were stalking Amazon yesterday, you’ll notice that Amazon actually had Skyrim for $25 with free shipping. Regardless, paying $30 for Skyrim is still a great deal, especially considering how large the game actually is.

Amazon: There’s a lot to say about Amazon and their video game deals. Things have constantly been on sale. I personally managed to get Skyrim and Dishonored for a total of $50 (free shipping as well). In fact, what you might be surprised to hear is that most of the big titles and recent releases are only $25 – $30 for Amazon’s Black Friday and possible even Cyber Monday deals. Yes, even games like Uncharted 3, Diablo III, StarCraft II and Skyrim. Instead of heading over to your local game store this weekend, you may just want to take a look at what Amazon is offering.

Not only is Amazon offering games though, but they are also offering full blown consoles for a mere $199. You’ll be able to find the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Slim edition at $199. I’m not entirely sure why people go in-store to find these deals when Amazon offers the same deals online, if not better. Since Amazon strives to be one of the best online retailers out there, I’d think that most of their sales are better than what physical retailers are offering.

All in all, Amazon is offering some great deals on some pretty big titles in the gaming scene. If you can, I would suggest picking up both Dishonored and Skyrim as both developers has said that they plan on supporting the games for a while down the road. So in a sense, they have lasting value.

Are you going Black Friday shopping today in actual retail stores today or are you staying home and shopping online?

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