Could Google Launch A Physical Google Wallet Card?

Alright, you might be excited, but you shouldn’t hold your breath. In fact, just label this one as a rumor for now. According to Android Police, who claim to be in possession of a leaked Google Wallet APK, a physical Google Wallet credit could could very well be in the pipeline. Yes, a physical Google Wallet card for your physical wallet.

We already knew about something stirring the waters for Google’s mobile payment service, after a recent sign-up page surfaced for whatever it is Google wants to bring to our lives next. Still, if this all ends up working out the way Google wants it too, we could be seeing a physical credit card linked to our Google Wallet accounts along with all of the credit cards on those accounts. Definitely sounds interesting, and it would be even more cool if this somehow connected with Google Offers.

Supposedly even within the application itself, you will be able to send a request for a physical card that will work exactly like a normal credit card. This means that you could still get away with using all of the features of Google Wallet in stores that don’t have NFC available just yet. That isn’t all though. Apparently we will also be able to top up and withdraw money to and from our Google Wallet accounts. Transit cards are another thing that is supposedly on the way as well. Again, these are all rumors and aren’t confirmed just yet. So, take these with a rather large grain of salt. Although, Android Police usually is very accurate when it comes to rumors of these types.

Still, who knows what is going to happen to Google Wallet in the next couple of months? All we know is that Google has some changes coming to the service and that is all. We will just have to sit back and see what will actually make it in the application when they release their next update. Whatever the case though, I think we all could have guessed that Google would try and pull something like this eventually. Not that it is bad or anything, but it just seemed pretty likely with the introduction of the Wallet system, you know?

I personally would be excited to have a physical Google Wallet card. Something like that sounds really awesome, and if it were to connect to your associated credit cards as well, that would make it even more useful. Hopefully we’ll be seeing Google Wallet for the Galaxy Note II on AT&T as well. That is something that I would use religiously, and it is kind of frustrating that it isn’t available.

If Google were to release a physical wallet card for their Google Wallet service, would you be trying to get one for yourself, or are you okay with Google Wallet as it is? Do you think that a physical card for Google Wallet would benefit anyone or do you see it as just more space taken up in your wallet? Sound off in the comments!

source: android central

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