Chameleon Launcher Price Dropped To $3.99

It wasn’t that long ago that I reviewed the Chameleon Launcher, the project that originally started up on Kickstarter. The developer is doing a great job with the Chameleon Launcher. The UI is very intuitive and is very refreshing compared to the many other UI’s we’ve seen in the past. There has been one thing that has been holding a lot of people back from purchasing the Chameleon Launcher though. The $10 price tag that plagues the consumer with the question: is it worth it?

Ask yourself that question no more! If you’ve been hesitant to buy the launcher or were just trying to save a few pennies due to the high price, you should grab the Chameleon Launcher right now. The price of the launcher is now $3.99, which is basically $6 cheaper than what you would originally pay for it. It hasn’t been said if this was a temporary sale for the holidays or if this was their new permanent pricing.  Just in case it’s here for a limited time, it might be worth it to grab it as soon as possible if you’ve been wanting to try it out. Aside from that, being a fan of the Android platform, how can you say no to customization?

Are you going to be picking up the Chameleon Launcher with its new price? Sound off in the comments below!

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