Bringing Flash to Jelly Bean

Apple has always been opposing Adobe Flash on their mobile devices. Apple’s iOS platform never supported flash due to various reasons including performance issues and security loopholes. Flash is really useful on the web because it allows web developers to create interactive website, but that is changing slowly as HTML5 is spreading rapidly and most of the browsers support this too.

When Apple opposed Flash, Google supported it on its Android platform, in fact support for Flash was often highlighted in marketing process of devices. Nevertheless, Adobe officially pulled its plug on Flash for mobile in August this year, and this is what they said in the announcement:

“Beginning August 15th we will use the configuration settings in the Google Play Store to limit continued access to Flash Player updates to only those devices that have Flash Player already installed. Devices that do not have Flash Player already installed are increasingly likely to be incompatible with Flash Player and will no longer be able to install it from the Google Play Store after August 15th.” – Said Adobe

You can view sites like YouTube without your device supporting Flash, however, there are numerous video sites as well as online gaming hub which don’t support the latest standards and require the device to support Flash.

“We have not continued developing and testing Flash Player for this new version of Android and its available browser options. There will be no certified implementations of Flash Player for Android 4.1.”

There is certainly no official implementation of Flash in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but there are several manufacturers who provide flash support in the stock firmware. One such manufacturer is HTC which loads Adobe Flash on devices such as One X+ which runs on Jelly Bean, but it is supported only in the default browser.

All the manufacturers out there ship their smartphones with their own version of browser and these browsers support flash, but some phones such as Optimus G have manufacturer specific browser which don’t support flash, despite the fact that it runs on ICS, and you won’t be able to install it from Play Store either.

For those who want to get Adobe Flash on the Android smartphone, follow the steps below:
1. Search in Google for “archived flash player versions” and go to the first result.

2. The first link on the result page will take you to Adobe’s developer’s page for Flash which is basically an archive page of Flash software and contains links to different versions of it for various platforms.

3. Scroll down until you find “Flash Player for Android 4.0 archives”. Here, choose the latest mobile Flash player version for Android. If you happen to run Android 2.x or 3.x, you will find your package under “Flash Player for Android 2.x and 3.x archives” heading. If your Android device is booting Jelly Bean, choose the latest edition listed for 4.0.

4. Clicking on the link will download the .apk file which can be installed like any other app. That’s about it.

Flash will not work on Chrome browser, but other browsers should be able to display the content provided that you have enabled plugins in their settings.

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