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BlackBerry 10 Will be “Dead on Arrival” Claims Analyst


We all know what BlackBerry 10 has in store for us, or at least some of us do. RIM (Research in Motion), has all its eggs in the BlackBerry 10 basket and rightly so. After a disastrous last couple of years, the company has been struggling to make a comeback. It seemed as though RIM pretty much took a back seat and casually watched as Android and iOS soared higher and higher in the industry. But now things are different and the Canadian maker is all set to make a comeback with its new and improved Touch/QWERTY smartphones. However, there are a few skeptics out there who don’t think RIM will have a good time in the market. One such analyst from Pacific Crest named James Faucette claims that the new BB OS will be “dead on arrival”. Now that’s a pretty bold statement to make considering the fact that a huge part of the OS is still a mystery to us. But what if he isn’t wrong?

It’s hard to show faith in a platform which has repeatedly lived down to the expectations. The current crop of BlackBerry smartphones are a fine example. While Android is all about moderate pricing and feature rich phones, RIM’s marketing strategy is contrastingly different. The current RIM flagship, the Bold 9900 is priced way over a decent dual core Android smartphone and that’s where the problem lies. Anyways, RIM has promised to mend its old ways when BlackBerry 10 arrives, so we have that to look forward to. So what’s basically new in the BlackBerry 10 OS? Well, it’s nothing we’re not used to, but something BlackBerry users will proudly like to flaunt. RIM has decided to go all touch with BB 10 and has optimized the OS accordingly. It does have promise, make no mistake, but we fear it will be too little too late. Looking at the pace at which Android, iOS and even Windows Phone is heading, there’s hardly any room for a fourth competing OS. Also, adoption will be a huge hurdle RIM has to face.

RIM has tried to get the devs on board with the BlackBerry Jam events, and there has been ample support from them too. But it ultimately comes down to the inevitable comparison between iOS, Android and Windows Phone. As soon as BB 10 is announced or launched in physical form, there will be comparisons made, opinions given, which could prove to be vital for RIM. It seems to me that RIM has waited too long to launch this OS. Perhaps, 2012 holiday season would have been the perfect time to lure in potential customers. But RIM thought it would be better to launch it in early 2013 instead. The delay has raised some concern with the shareholders as well, which isn’t surprising. So let’s see how RIM plans to get out of this slump. It’s certainly not going to be easy. The BlackBerry L Series will make way to the market first, followed by the N Series which packs a QWERTY keyboard.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: Phone Arena

Image Courtesy: Pocket-Lint

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