Bing Translator now on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 is an impressive operating system and better than Windows Phone 7 in many ways, and it should be because Windows Phone 8 is an evolutionary version of its predecessor. Microsoft has done a great job with the new operating system which has a totally redesigned base structure as compared to Windows Phone 7. One of the interesting apps which Windows Phone 7 has and Windows Phone 8 doesn’t is the Bing Translator.

Bing Translator is an official app from Microsoft and does all kinds of stuff you would expect an app with that kind of name to do. The app wasn’t available for Windows Phone 8 until now and Microsoft has finally decided to launch the app on the version of its Windows Phone operating system which is gaining more momentum every minute.

In case you just got your Windows Phone 8 device, this is a must have app if you’re travelling to foreign countries and aren’t an expert in the destination language. You can of course use this app in the library too, if you wish. Bing Translator can be described as a personal interpreter and has features which can be taken advantage of easily.

Microsoft has been working on voice recognition algorithm for quite some time and they have definitely improved it a lot. Bing Translator makes use of the same voice recognition algorithm to convert your speech into text, after which the text can be translated into language of your choice, provided it is supported by the service. Once translated, the text can be converted into speech, and apparently the interpretation can be “pronounced” by the application with the accent typical for the desired language.

Apart from voice recognition, which is exciting, Bing Translator also allows you to scan text using the device’s camera and display the translated text in augmented reality style, which means the translated text will overlap the base language text on the image. What’s more? The app comes free of charge, which is great. There are several more features, some of which are very basic. According to the user reviews on the app page, there are better apps than Bing Translator which does the same job in a better way, free of cost. According to a user named Vincent, a free app called “Voice Translator” by SeNSSoFT does way better job than what Bing Translator does.

“The voice on this app speaks too fast, and the volume is too low. SeNSSoFT’s “Voice Translator” has a natural, clearer, speaking voice that is defaulted to a MUCH louder volume, which can be adjusted even louder, if necessary. “

The app of course has some glitches, but then again, it is a machine, so you cannot expect it to be as accurate as a human being. What’s amusing is that the logo shows a Japanese hiragana character, but the app doesn’t support Japanese. A total of 7 languages are supported by the app, including Deutsch, English, English (United States), Español (España, alfabetización internacional), français, italiano and 中文(简体). Have you tried this app?

Download: Bing Translator for Windows Phone