Battlefield 1942 Now Free-To-Play On Origin Client

Electronic Arts is now surprisingly offering Battlefield 1942 as a free download on their free digital distribution client Origin. While the game is listed in the demos section of Origin, their website makes it clear that the game fully free-to-play, so a few things may need updating to make sure that is clear. Of course, since EA isn’t fond of the way Valve does things with Steam with their super sales and all, it would make sense that they are trying to be sly here. That could be me over-thinking things, but EA has been very outspoken about not offering things for free and on sale for quite some time now. Nevertheless, Battlefield 1942 is available for free on Origin. If you don’t have Origin yet and want to download the game, you can head on over here.

The graphics and textures in Battlefield 1942 are definitely offending to consumers sucked into modern day video game graphics, but Battlefield 1942 is something that remains special in the hearts of Battlefield fans all over the world. The release of this game is supposedly tied into the celebration of Battlefield’s 10th anniversary, which happened to be a couple of months ago, so someone at EA probably marked their calendar wrong. Whatever the case, the game is here and is playable via the Origin client!

To be honest, everyone is going to download this game just because it is free, play it for a good ten or so minutes and then forget it was ever there. Of course, that is excluding the die hard Battlefield fans. I mean, how much fun is it to stand on the wings of flying planes defying every law of physics put in place? It definitely beats the extraordinary physics packed into Battlefield 3.

You can check out the full details on Battlefield 1942 on the Origin website of course. Again you will be required to download the free digital distribution client Origin. Keep in mind that you won’t find this game on the more popular digital distribution client Steam (nor can you really find the majority of EA’s game on Steam due to the competition between the two clients). Whatever the case, I really think it would of been better if EA made Battlefield 2142 free-to-play, I think from a business standpoint, there would be a whole lot more in it for both parties — the consumer and the publisher. I’m sure we will see it becoming free in the future, but I really am not sure why they picked 1942 over 2142.

All in all, Battlefield 1942 is free to download. You can get on the Origin client, and it looks like this isn’t going to be a limited time deal either. Thus far it is looking like it is free forever.

Will anyone be downloading Origin solely to get Battlefield 1942? Would you agree with me that Battlefield 2142 would of been a much better choice to put up for free, or are you just happy that an older classic is now available for free? Sound off in the comments below!

source: PC Gamer


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