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AT&T, T-Mobile collaborate to aid Hurricane Sandy victims, networks opened up

Two of the major carriers in the United States, AT&T and T-Mobile are recently teaming up to help all customers who were hardly hit by Hurricane Sandy, particularly those in the New York and New Jersey areas wherein cellular service communication remains hard.

Hurricane Sandy has left a huge portion of New York and New Jersey drenched to date, causing cellphone reception difficult to catch.

The special arrangement both telecommunication companies have come up with denotes an extraordinary measure to warrant all their customers can stay in touch despite the hurricane aftermath. Customers will then be able to use whichever network acquires coverage in their locations.

AT&T and T-Mobile have agreed to enable roaming service on their networks to customers in the heavily impacted locations and other areas where capacity is accessible. All subscribers with a compatible device can also take advantage of this special network service offer.

The linking of networks will take place entirely behind the scenes. All the customers have to do is to dial out the numbers they would want to call, just like the usual way and the stronger network will automatically route these calls.

Fees and rates agreement

The transitory alliance of both network systems means that all calls made by AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers will spontaneously be carried by whichever network is most operational in the location. Rest assured, there will be no extra charges and no changes will be made on the customer’s current service agreements or rate plans, even if the phone directs the device is connected to the other carrier’s network.

The sharing of voice and data traffic is made possible with T-Mobile and AT&T’s network technology based on UMTS and GSM standards.

Hurricane Sandy has inflicted major damages especially in New York and New Jersey. About half a quarter of cellphone towers in ten states were destroyed by the storm, making calls across the Northeast very difficult, according to the Federal Communication Commission.

It would still take several days for these towers to be entirely fixed. The unrelenting bad weather is also thought to cause further repair delays and additional problems. Some of the operational transmission sites are currently running on backup generators due to massive power outages. Carriers only hope these generators could last until electricity is back up and running. Otherwise, communication outages proliferate.

This is likely driving AT&T and T-Mobile to stick into such a deal of sharing towers ad networks, as a form of relief to their customers in need of communication assistance following the ferocious storm.

Regional President of AT&T northeast, Steve Hodges said in a statement that: “Our goal here is to help people stay connected to family and loved ones in the aftermath of this terrible storm.”

Meanwhile, a latest report said AT&T will be extending its late-payment window and will waive late payment charges for all customer victims of Hurricane Sandy who are behind.

In-store charging is also offered in 400 AT&T retail locations across the northeast. Customers however, are advised to call ahead to make sure electricity is available in the area. Generator-powered charging stations and RVs are also being rolled out at food and water stations across the city of New York.

So far, either of the telecom companies had not specified a definite date as to when this rare transitory network sharing service is offered or how long the agreement will last.

Source: Phone Arena

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