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AT&T Refunds Wireless Overcharge Fees After FCC Investigation

AT&T has had a lot of unlucky issues with the FCC recently, most notably the dropping of the T-Mobile acquisition application. It looks like more trouble has surfaced though. Two years ago in 2010, AT&T had discovered that there was an error in their systems that had moved some of their subscribers to some more costly data plans without having the consent of the subscriber. Despite AT&T admitting their mistake and refunding the customers in full who contacted about an overcharge, the FCC started an investigation on this issue a little over a year ago.

Accroding to AT&T, the switch had only affected .03% of their customers, and on an average estimation, it only incurred an extra $25 to $30 per month charge, which could have potentially been much, much more worse. Although, I would be pretty angry over an extra $30 charge, especially if they were taking money that wasn’t in my bank account. On top of fully refunding their customers for these accidental charges, AT&T has also agreed to pay an additional $700,000 fine along with spending more resources to properly train their employees and notifying customers of changes to their bills. AT&T definitely seems like they are striving to keep their customers happy right now, along with making the correct efforts to keep their customers happy if any future issues arise. On the other hand, I’m not entirely sure why AT&T is paying such a hefty fine. Accidents happen in automated systems every day and all the time, I personally think there should be some grace there. Of course, with how big a company AT&T is, there is no doubt that they can afford it.

source: reuters

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