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AT&T Expands Their LTE Network To Little Rock, Improves It Elsewhere

AT&T is striving to expand their blazing fast LTE network very quickly, and for many of their users, it is always exciting to see a new LTE market go up. Just this morning AT&T announced that their LTE service was now officially live in Little Rock, Arkansas, and has expanded in Key West to include Big Pine Key and the Lower Keys, Marathon, Islamorada, and Key Largo. Bakesfield, California has also been receiving some expanded LTE coverage as well.

If you plan on picking up a brand new smartphone with an LTE-compatible radio, like the Galaxy Note II, or if you just have any other regular AT&T LTE phone, you are really going to get the most out of your device with the blazing fast LTE data speeds. Of course, you might be sacrificing some extra battery life, but depending on what you use your smartphone for, it’s worth it.

Are you excited to see LTE continuously expanding their LTE network with these frequent news releases? Do you live in any of the expanded areas? Have you experienced in a notable difference in speeds since the upgrade or do you feel that it is the same?

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source: Talk Android

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