Archery Review

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Archery was created by Innovative Games. There isn’t a whole lot to Archery, but it is very addictive. You’re only goal in the game is to aim your bow right so that the arrow will hit the target. Your goal should be to hit the middle of the target so you get the most points possible, but that is extremely difficult. At the same time, it’s probably what keeps most people playing as there isn’t a whole lot to do in Archery. Now, there are some ways that the developer could improve it, but we’ll get to that in a little bit.

Aiming your bow correctly is extremely hard. It’s not rare that you will hit the middle target, but it’s not common either. One feature that helps the game keep a competitive nature is the ability to publish your scores onto a leaderboard and compare it against other players. Of course, that’s on the basis that you are into keeping up with the constantly changing leaderboards.

The graphical quality of Archery isn’t that great, but it’s not that bad either. I guess you could put it on the same level as Hill Climb Racing‘s graphics.

I really think that Archery has a lot of potential. At this point it’s an okay game. It’s addicting, but it’s just okay. I think that if targets were more strategically placed, things would be a bit more difficult and provide a bit more of a challenge for the player. If there was at the very least a stick figure holding the bow instead of the bow simply floating in the air, I think that might add to the immersion of the game. There are a few simple things that just seem so obvious that should be in the game that just aren’t. Obviously the stick figure would be a bit more difficult to implement, but with a little work it might be really fun to play.

Right now, the game is just addicting until you get the highest possible score. After that, it lacks a lot of depth. It’s really missing something that could quickly boost this game to the top on Google Play. I’m going to hope that the developer will see the promise that this game has and provide a content update for it. It does have a lot of promise, and you could see that just by playing the game.

Regardless, if you aren’t into achieving high scores and competing against leaderboards, you should shy away from this game. Then again, this game is free and it isn’t going to cost you anything to at least take it for a bit of a test run. Something that might discourage to play this game is the ads in it. It’s important to note that these ads aren’t intrusive in any way though. It is definitely another way for the developer to earn a few dollars off of a free product though.