Apple’s FaceTime and Messages are now in a patent infringement lawsuit

It is not very often that you see a small company sue the Cupertino tech giant over patent infringements. It is usually the other way around, with Apple being on the suing side. But today, we have a report on Patently Apple that says a company named Intercarrier Communications, or ICC in short, has sued Apple over its Messaging app and the Face Time app found in its iOS mobile operating system and OS X desktop and laptop operating system.

Patently Apple says that the Intercarrier Communications company “took assignment of for the sole purpose of suing other companies. In the last five days, Intercarrier Communications have filed infringement suits against Apple, MobiWeb, Inerop Technologies, BroadSoft, Iris Wireless and others using the same patent. By definition, Intercarrier Communications looks to be the Patent troll of the week.”

“The patent that Apple’s software allegedly infringes upon is patent 6,985,748 titled ‘Inter-Carrier messaging service providing phone number only experience,’” says Patently Apple. The case was filed in the Virginia Eastern District Court with the presenting Judge to be Judge John A. Gibney.

There have been many such patent trolls in the last year, and calculations show that such patent trolls have cost tech companies up to $29 billion last year. Also, another company called Surf Cast has sued Microsoft over its Live Tiles feature in the new Windows 8 and Windows RT operating system. That also seems to be a patent troll, but nothing can be said about these law suits until the respective judges announce their ruling.

Source: Patently Apple

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