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Apple v/s Samsung patent war escalates; Nexus, S III, Note and iPhone 5 aadded to the petition

The smartphone battle just got fiercer and uglier.

Apple v/s Samsung, Apple v/s HTC, Apple v/s Motorola- it seems like the technology playground has become a litigation battalion. We all know how just a few days back, Apple and HTC settled their patent issue by signing a 10 year agreement. Reportedly, for every phone HTC sells, it would have to pay 8 bucks to the Californian giant.

However, in the twist of tales, Samsung has refused to bow down to Apple’s half-witted claims, and has opted to fight back. Perhaps, the $1.05 billion blow has raised their eye-brows and made them relentless in their pursuit to knock Apple down on the legal front.

Samsung has reportedly hiked the price of processors offered to Apple by 20%, just to make Apple aware of the fact that it can play dirty too. It has also decided to fight-back by filing a petition against Apple, which includes the list of Apple devices that are under various copyright infringements.

U.S magistrate Judge, Paul Grewal, allowed both Apple and Samsung to add new devices to their case filings. Taking advantage of that fact, Apple added a number of Samsung devices like Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S III, and Galaxy Note (nothing about Note 2, yet). To counter Apple’s additions, Samsung added iPhone 5 to its list of devices.  Though Apple wanted to counter Samsung’s addition, Judge Grewal had warned Apple about its constant interruptions in the legal proceedings.

It’s actually shameful and unfortunate how some of the leading innovators of our times are busy filing litigation, instead of filing patents on new technologies. Though innovation needs to be respected and accredited, but that does not imply you start suing everyone, for using your technology, even in a rather deceptive way. Apple’s previous claims of the ‘rectangular-design’ and the ‘screen gestures’ were not only naïve, but also spurious and imbecile. Imagine how much of mockery Apple would have created, had it invented a cell-phone, Wi-Fi or cellular network.

None of us have any problems with tech companies making humungous amount of money, nor do we have any problem with their filing of patents. What we do object is the amount of resources- time and money, which are spent on fighting over insipid issues. Though competition is necessary to facilitate innovation, it does not mean you start chopping down each other’s heads, just to hold your ground. Technology was created to help people; it was not created to make it exclusive to certain set of people. Apple as the world’s most innovative companies should realize this. From a company that innovates, it has become a company that only litigates. It needs to be a little more co-operative in its approach. It’s abortion of Google Maps, YouTube, and many other services, just shows how cynical it is about co-operating with its rivals.

No matter who wins- Apple or Samsung, at the end of the day, it’s the people, who would have to pay for the legal paperwork. Less show of litigation would not only decrease the cost of smartphones, but the money could be used into research and analysis in order to design better products, and offer avant-garde services.

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