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Apple Store Gift Cards Now Accessible via Passbook App


The holiday season is quickly approaching and companies want to give us the best offers they can. And when we’re speaking about the holiday season, it’s hard to leave Apple out of the equation. And we have seen just that with the company rolling out new Apple Store gift cards in compliance with the Passbook app (iOS 6). These gift cards range from $25 to $2000 and can be accessed via Passbook. In case the user doesn’t have Passbook, the gift card will be emailed to them which can also be printed out as per the user’s convenience. Since the maximum amount ranges till $2000, users can basically give their loved ones the liberty to buy anything from a Mac (not all Macs) to a simple iPhone accessory. What’s particularly interesting is how Apple doesn’t want users to rely only on the Passbooks app and gives the option to redeem it via email, which is convenient for non-iOS device owners. The gift card will be made available in three colors which won’t serve any specific purpose, but is a neat touch nevertheless.

With Passbooks, there’s this feature where your iDevice will automatically alert you when you arrive close to an Apple Store. This is done with access to the recipient’s zip code, which while a little sneaky, is a very cool feature. The possibility of you carrying around an email version of the gift card is less as most Apple devices have been updated to iOS 6, which brings Passbook to the overall scheme of things. So if you’re wondering what to gift your loved ones this holiday season, this should be a simple and neat solution. The bigger the amount, the better.

Apple is supposedly bringing the ability to book your movie tickets with Siri (via Fandango), and this new promotion comes as a decent addition to the iOS ecosystem. The convenience of Passbook is unparalleled even by rival services which require NFC to complete the transaction. Passbook basically helps the user store all the passes, gift cards in one secure location and merely requires a stable and working data connection to access. This is something Apple proudly endorses.

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