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Apple Launches iPad Mini, iPad In Overseas Markets

American tech company Apple has officially released their fourth generation iPad and the “economy friendly” iPad Mini in the Australian market and other countries on Friday ahead of the devices’ European and American launch.

According to CNET reporter Josh Lowensohn, Apple’s iPad Mini and the latest version of the iPad are now available on the shelves of numerous tech stores in Australia, New Zealand, and 32 more countries, making the biggest launch for an Apple product.

Sales of iPad Mini and fourth generation iPad are reportedly rolling in some countries but others claimed it’s far fewer from the number of shoppers they witnessed following the launch of iPhone 5. CNET Australia even stated queues are hardly seen in stores.

Pipper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster predicted an estimate of 1 million to 1.5 million units of iPad Mini sold during the device’s during first weekend on the market. The units sold would be much lesser than the 3 million units sold by Apple for their third generation iPad in the debut weekend last March.

Munster has an explanation behind iPad Mini’s weak sale, claiming consumers might be waiting for the cellular wireless version. He added hesitation to buy the Mini could also be triggered by the “newness” of smaller tablet sizes.

“We believe that over time that will change, and consumers will gradually realize the benefits of the smaller form factor iPad, which will drive adoption, although it may not take form in lines for tomorrow’s launch,” Munster stated.

Despite the results, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White still confident iPad Mini will eventually surpass over the next two or three years and even believes the sales of this product will get stronger in the coming weeks with the launch of its version with cellular networking in mid-November.

“In our view, this is a very strong statement from consumers and we believe iPad mini will eventually surpass sales of the iPad over the next two to three years,” said White in a note earlier today.


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