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Apple is the World’s Most Innovative Company

It is almost predictable that people would put the Cupertino, California-based tech giant, Apple Inc., as one of the most innovative companies in the world but in order to confirm that, a survey has been conducted by Booz & Company showing that the company co-founded by the late Steve Jobs remains unchallenged. For three years in a row, Apple is dubbed as the world’s most innovative company making others that aspire the same reputation look pitiful.

Since 2010, Apple has always been cited by millions of people as the company that displayed significant growth as far as innovation is concerned. Having maintained the same reputation for three years (and barely challenged by companies that claimed to be better) is evident it hasn’t lost its eye for innovation despite the fact that it is led by Tim Cook, who has been subject of criticisms by analysts in his first few months being the chief executive.

The survey this year showed that 80 percent of respondents named Apple as one of the three most innovative companies in the world, 10 percent higher than last year’s result. Tech enthusiasts believe that the company’s iPhone and iPad products are the reason why Apple remained unchallenged while putting search titan, Google, on the second place with just 43 percent. Needless to say, Apple is the also the most favored companies for people whose eyes are fixed to finding which brand comes with newer and better technology.

The survey also showed that innovation does not necessarily mean spending a lot of resources. Apple spent only $2.4 billion while its closest competitors like Google and Samsung spent $5.2 and $9.0 billion, respectively, just to get into the list of innovators. This does not only prove it still has a keen eye for innovation; it also leaves a message that it knows exactly what to do with its resources.

Taking into consideration the legal battle between Apple and Samsung over alleged patent infringement, some may be able to say that the survey validates the former’s allegations that the latter copied some (if not many) of its innovations. Booz & Company, however, conducted the survey for informational purposes. The court will still decide which company infringes other company’s patent.

If you were an Android smartphone/tablet user, would you agree that Apple is the world’s most innovative company?

To read the entire report regarding the surveys conducted by Booz & Company, you can download the PDF file from here.

[source: Booz | via: PhoneArena]

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