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Apple includes Galaxy Note 10.1, Google’s Jellybean To Infringement Complaint

Apple is taking its legal battle with Samsung to a whole new level after the iPhone and iPad maker included the Galaxy Note 10.1 along with Google’s Android 4.1 to its existing infringment complaints against Samsung in California.

The battle royale between two technology titans continues as Apple responded to Samsung’s counterclaim action alleging the American tech firm of infringing its patents by releasing their latest smartphone, the iPhone 5.

In a case filed to U.S Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grenwal on Tuesday, Apple added Galaxy Note 10.1 to their growing list of infringement complaints against Sambung but the brow-raising part was the inclusion of Google’s Android 4.1.

Tech experts believe Apple’s latest complaint only indicates that it’s now starting to take their aim at Google, whose Android OS continues to gain solid edge over the iOS in the mobile operating system war.

According to CNET reporter Roger Cheng, the ongoing legal slugfest between Apple and Samsung won’t end anytime soon as it becomes more complex.

In August, Samsung suffered a $1.05 billion jury verdict defeat for infringing Apple’s patent designs on their smartphone and mobile devices. However, Samsung has already appealed the decision and the court won’t start hearing the case until 2014.

Meanwhile, Google and Samsung remains silent about Apple’s recent legal moves, though they are expected to release their respective statement in the coming days.

Given the fact that Apple’s complaint is concerned with software and user interface patents, it was expected that Google will play a much bigger role in the litigation proceeding than it did in previous hearings.

However, Apple’s bold move to name the operating system means the Steve Jobs-founded firm wants Google to become an active player in the case despite the company isn’t actually mentioned in the lawsuit. So does this signal the beginning of legal chess game between Apple and Google? Stay tune.

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