Angry Birds Star Wars Review

Rovio just released their Star Wars adaption of Angry Birds, which has had overall good ratings. I personally say that the game is better than any of their past games, and while it does have its own issues, it is probably one of my favorites on my tablet right now. My favorite thing about this game is specifically the Path of the Jedi levels due to their complexity and how it doesn’t take a mere 30 seconds to finish each level. The Dagobah theme for those levels are also very nice, but I think the complexity in the levels really adds something to the game. Angry Birds Star Wars isn’t your average Angry Birds game. In fact, it is much more than that as Rovio took the extra step to make sure the game would fit the Star Wars theme. That said, you’ll find things like asteroids floating in the air due to Darth Vader levitating them with his force powers. You can only get past those until you manage to kill Darth Vader (a fake Darth Vader at that). It really does make the game stand out from their other titles as there is much more to be seen than just levitation.

The graphics in Angry Birds Star Wars are exquisite. I really think in terms of graphics, releasing an HD version of the game is the best thing that the Finland based company could have ever done. While you may not find it worth the $2.99 they are asking for for the HD version, it is well worth it, especially if you are someone that is constantly buying tablets with a higher resolution. I wouldn’t say that the Transformer Pad TF300T gives off a Retina-like display with the HD version of Angry Birds Star Wars, but it definitely gives off a sharp and beautiful display.

All in all, Angry Birds sticks to its original roots while also adding some creativity and depth to the game, which I think was something that was much needed. I think Angry Birds Star Wars has a lot of potential if Rovio were to move forward to it. I often noticed a few drops in FPS when a lot of things were happening at once, so it would be nice to see that stabilize a bit more as they improve the game. Frames per second is barely something to complain about, but it really bugs me when I see frames drop. That might not be a huge concern for many, but seeing some stabilization there would be awesome.

Angry Birds Star Wars is a great game. It has a few issues like the FPS issues I mentioned above. I’d also like to see more unique and useful birds. While a lot of the new birds were unique, I found the Chewbacca bird to be rather dull, while I also found the C3PO bird to be of no use to me compared to others.

I highly suggest picking up Angry Birds Star Wars if you are ever able to get the chance.

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