Angry Birds: Star Wars Has Released And It’s The Best Angry Birds Yet

Everyone said that Angry Birds: Space was the best Angry Birds yet, and unfortunately, with the release of Angry Birds: Star Wars, I think that it may have just taken its spot as the best Angry Birds title yet. Angry Birds players will find the game very familiar to other games like Angry Birds Seasons, but there is a bit of a hurdle trying to learn how to effectively use the abilities certain birds have. The Obi-wan Kenobi bird has force powers that can be used in a variety of different ways. This one is probably the most difficult as you learn how to effectively use the ability instead of randomly using it and hoping for the best.

All of the birds have their own special abilities based off of the Star Wars movies. You’ll see the Luke Skywalker bird use a lightsaber, the Han Solo bird use a blaster, R2-D2 use an electric shock to eliminate multiple enemies at once and so on. Everything in this game is literally based off of Star Wars. The player will find familiar environments on planets like Tatooine and Dagobah. Players will be able to take the fight straight to the Death Star and battle Darth Vader himself even. And while you may think it is just Angry Birds with a new theme, it actually isn’t.

The game provides new puzzles to complete that are actually a whole lot more difficult that you would find in Angry Birds: Space, in my opinion at least (the Dagobah levels specifically). What might surprise you is that with the addition of the Star Wars themed abilities, it has also added to the puzzle factor of the game. For instance, you can have Darth Vader in the level using his force powers to hold asteroids still in space. It is only until you kill Darth Vader that you can continue on with the level to try and destroy the rest of the Star Wars themed piggies. It just makes for some very interesting and thought provoking gameplay.

One thing that players may complain about is the amount of cash this game costs. While many will pick up the HD version of Angry Birds Star Wars for $2.99 for their more advanced tablets, players might find it frustrating that they have to pay an extra $1.99 to unlock the Dagobah levels. HD looks great and all, but for $2.99 Dagobah should have been a free addition. However, Rovio has promised that they will be releasing a free planet in the coming weeks familiarly known to any Star Wars fan as Hoth.

Angry Birds Space is a free download with ads, but you can also purchase an ad-free version and a HD version. If you include the Dagobah levels in the game, It is going to set you back by either $3 or $5. A bit expensive for an app, but is definitely well worth it. Hit one of our download links below to grab the game for your respective device(s). Unfortunately, the free version of Angry Birds Star Wars isn’t available on iTunes at the time of this writing.

Have you played Angry Birds Star Wars yet? Do you like it? I love this game. Its fantastic. Sound off in the comments below!

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