Angry Birds Star Wars Getting Updated With Hoth Levels On November 29th

Angry Bird Star Wars, Rovio’s latest addition to their Angry Birds lineup, has been a great game thus far. I’ve been enjoying playing it a lot. The fact that their are only two levels and a Path of the Jedi campaign was a bit disappointing, but that disappointment will soon be cured! Rovio Entertainment has just released a trailer unveiling that the Hoth update will be due to drop tomorrow, Thursday, November 29th. Keep in mind that this is a free update and won’t be something that you have to buy like the Path of the Jedi was. It’ll add tons of new icy levels to play through!

The trailer they released is quite comical as well. Piggie themed AT-AT walkers slipping on ice is something that I look forward to seeing in the actual levels (although, I doubt that will actually happen unless there’s an in-game cinematic or something). Check out the trailer below!


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