Android Complete, an interactive Kickstarter project course

The most popular smart phone and tablet platform today is the Android operating system platform from Google. The company, along with various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), has been able to make the platform a success. Not just that, there are hundreds of thousands of developers around the globe who are writing apps for the platform and benefiting from it. And if you are interested in this out, you can do so. But the thing is, you need to know a lot of stuff to start programming for Android.

If you do not know all these programming languages, do not worry. You will be able to learn it very soon. There is a new kickstarter project called Android Complete, which will offer you a very extensive courseware on Android programming. The course will include introduction to Java, basic Android development, advanced Android development, Android tablet development, and finally, marketing, monetizing, and making profits from the apps you have developed. More details about the course can be found here.

The course will need to have the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) for the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean, plus the latest version of the Java Development Kit (JDK), version v, along with the latest version of the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is Juno. And the courses for each of these will be interactive with video, audio, and hands on experience. Phone Review writes:

Each course in Android Complete will feature step-by-step exercise guides, narrated presentations, printable PDFs, work on your own projects, and homework assignments. The Android Complete course will be delivered in January 2013 as a downloadable ISO file, which could be expanded or mounted straight on OSX, Linux PC or Windows or burned to a DVD.

The Kickstarter project was looking for funding of about $1,100, but it has already got pledges of $10,078, which is more than enough. And therefore, “the project will be funded as of 2:29PM EST on the 21st of November,” writes Phone Review. You can watch the video embedded after the break for more info.

Source: Phone Review

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