Android 4.2 panorama ported to Galaxy Nexus

Even though the Google event was cancelled due to the hurricane, Sandy, the search engine giant did not delay the launch of the devices it was about to launch at the event, and also the new version of the mobile operating system, the Android 4.2, which still retains the name, Jelly Bean. People were expecting this to be to the Key Lime Pie, but no, it is still Jelly Bean.

The two new Nexus devices and the improved Nexus 7 device ware launched online on Monday. The two new devices are the Nexus 4 smart phone, manufactured by LG, and the Nexus 10 tablet, which is a 10.1 inch tablet manufactured by the other South Korean Android giant, Samsung. Both these devices feature the new Android 4.2 operating system. The new Nexus 7 gets the latest operating system, and a lesser price tag. You can get the 16 GB version of the Nexus 7 for just $199 now.

Now, coming to the new operating system, the Android 4.2 upgrade brings a lot of new features, namely gesture typing, Miracast screen sharing, multi user support for Android tablets, and the new Photo Sphere, which is a new panorama photo feature. The Photo Sphere in particular has won many hearts, which made some developers over at the XDA Developers team port the feature to the Galaxy Nexus. Yes, you read that right.

So if you have a Galaxy Nexus smart phone and have already updated it to Jelly Bean, the version 4.1 that is, you can install this new Photo Sphere app on it. But yes, you need to have your smart phone rooted, which will of course void your warranty. But if you want to get something, you will have to lose something. If you want to know how to root your Galaxy Nexus, or how to download and install Photo Sphere on your device, follow the source link.

Source: XDA Developers

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