Android 4.2 Headed To The N880E, First ZTE Device To Get The Update

Popular Chinese manufacturer ZTE has pushed the update to Android 4.2 to the N880E, a device that you probably haven’t heard of unless you live in China. This device is a mid-range devices and was also one of the first devices to ship with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Not only that, but it was extremely close to a stock build of Jelly Bean as well. If I’m correct, I think this would be the first device (outside of Nexus devices) to receive Android 4.2 in the world. Since the device is basically running on stock Android it probably didn’t take ZTE too much work to get Android 4.2 ready for the device. The update is rolling out right now, so just about everyone who owns a N880E should be getting their hands on Android 4.2 right now. I do have to say, I am a tad jealous that they’ve gotten the Android 4.2 update first. Lets hope Samsung manages to get their updates going a bit faster, specifically for the Galaxy Note II.

Aside from Samsung, lets hope that Android 4.2 will be a quick update for other manufacturers as well. Regardless, we should be seeing some manufacturers release Android 4.2 within the next couple of months. Of course, that time frame could increase drastically at any moment.

Are you one of the people that got Android 4.2 on the N880E? Is it all that you expected, or do you think it feels pretty much the same as Android 4.1 Jelly Bean?

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source: Talk Android


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