Android 4.2 GAPPs Now Available In One File For Galaxy Nexus

Everyone is waiting in anticipation for the update to Android 4.2 to push to their devices, but the Galaxy Nexus users will have the privilege of enjoying the major improvements found in the core apps thanks to a few leaked Android 4.2 apps. AndroidSpin managed to gather together a collection of GAPPs which includes the Android 4.2 versions of Gmail, Maps, Talk, Calendar, Clock, Photo Sphere, along with the latest keyboard and much, much more. Grabbing the leak is fairly easy. All Galaxy Nexus users will need to do is grab and flash the zip files that are available for download using any of the recovery methods. Pretty much the same thing you would do when flashing a normal ROM. One thing to keep in mind: Google Wallet comes as an entirely separate .apk, so users that want to grab that will need to get it as a separate file and then sideload it if the users are interested in using the applications.

If you are wanting to download any of the mentioned applications, make sure to hit the download links below. You can also get a whole lot more details about all of this by heading on over to the source link that is also provided below.

Are you going to be flashing your Galaxy Nexus with the new GAPPs? If you have, let us know if it was successful and how well the apps are working for you! Have you noticed any improvements?

source: AndroidSpin
via: Talk Android

Download Links: GAPPsGoogle Wallet