Amazon Cloud Drive Photos App Now Available In The Play Store

I would say that it is very obvious that Amazon intends to stay very competitive in the mobile space for the foreseeable future. With a bunch of new devices, applications, and even cloud services, Amazon is definitely fighting their way to be one of the best OEM’s out there. I’d personally say when it comes to cloud services, they are the best, but that’s a post for another time. Amazon has released a Cloud Drive Photos applications so that users can easily access any sort of photo that you may have put on the Amazon Cloud drive. As you can imagine, this is extremely helpful in a number of different ways. Having quick access to your photos on the Amazon Cloud drive is probably one of the best parts of this new app though.

You might find the interface to be extremely similar to Amazon’s MP3 player, which is actually a good thing. It looks very clean and elegant, navigation is extremely easy and having a familiar experience makes things a bit easier and painless as well. Also, just like you can on on the Amazon MP3 player, you have the ability to download and locally store any photos on your smartphone or tablet. Toggling between viewing your photos on the cloud or photos only stored locally is another extremely useful tool that you will have access too as well. As you can imagine, that is very helpful when you are sorting through a bunch of your photos. Still, having the ability to download photos off of the cloud and store them locally is probably one of the most useful features. When it comes down to it, I have to say that the Amazon Cloud Drive Photos is definitely a great addition to their lineup of cloud-based applications. Although, the app could improve drastically with the ability to exclude certain folders. Nevertheless, I’m definitely looking forward to whatever else they plan on offering.

As you probably know, the Cloud Drive only allows you 5GBs of free storage, so don’t go off taking too many photos! I will be personally starting upload some of my pictures to Amazon’s cloud drive to play around with this application a bit more. I’m not too sure that I like Dropbox for my photos anymore now that Amazon has released this. For me, this is definitely going to be replacing my photos on Dropbox as Amazon has created something that is just so much easier to use. Not to mention that Amazon is always advancing their cloud-based applications, I can’t wait to see what is in store for this.

Of course, you may have a different opinion on that. Do you think that it is easier to use with this new app or are you going to be sticking with Dropbox? Do you even use the cloud to keep all of your photos stored or do you keep them locally? Does the local feature in this new application look good enough to replace some of your gallery applications even? Sound off in the comments below!

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