Activists prepare online protest against Apple for refusing app

Apple has become the most recent target by an activist group after the Cupertino giant refused to allow an app in its iPhone app store.  An online petition against Apple is being organized to press Apple to allow Drones+, an iPhone app that will let users to know the incidents of U.S. drone strikes.

Initially, Apple objected to the app as being “objectionable” and “not in compliance with the app store review guidelines.” Rules set by Apple in its app depository govern what contents are allowed to be made available.

Activist group Roots Action, run by Action for a Progressive Future, said: “Drones+ is an application that shows no depictions of the carnage of war and reveals no secret information. It simply adds a location to a map every time a drone strike is reported in the media and added to a database maintained by the U.K.’s Bureau of Investigative Journalism.”

“Drone wars continue because the U.S. public is unaware what is being done in our name with our money. We are interested in knowing where our government is using drones and has killed people, not in celebrating that killing,” the group added.

Drones+ creator Josh Begley, a graduate student from New York University, previously submitted his app to Apple for approval this summer. The app was refused so he decided to go public with the news. The main source of information of Drones+ is provided by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Apple receives a string of minor contracts with the Pentagon totalling $9 million in recent years. Blocking the app in its app store means iPhones will not have access to such a simple informative application.

Apple do not post its guidelines in accepting apps publicly. A leaked copy of guidelines has been posted online and offers a mindset of Apple when deciding to accept or refuse third party apps.

source: cnet

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