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Acer China President Throws Barbs at Microsoft

Acer, the fourth-largest PC maker in the world, has once again showed its frustrations about Microsoft’s entrance in the device and services business after president Lin Xianlang delivered another brow-raising statement questioning the capability of the Bill Gates-founded conglomerate to market its hardware products.

In a recent interview with Tencent Technology, Lin did not mince a single word in expressing his discontent on Microsoft’s decision to venture into the hardware business.

Lin said he’s hoping Microsoft will finally realize that the hardware industry is a difficult ‘meal’ to eat.

Microsoft made a splash into the hardware game recently after launching its own line of smartphone (Windows Phone 8), tablets (Microsoft surface), and hybrid laptops.

Lin added Microsoft’s decision to release their gadgets will put the software company in a ‘tricky’ situation, sending negative impact on the Windows’ ecosystem.

Microsoft has been the world’s leading provider of software technology to PC makers. Thus, the launching of its hardware products creates an even tighter market for the company’s own vendors.

The Taiwanese PC maker previously intended to release their Windows RT tablet in the first quarter of 2013 but the launching of Microsoft Surface prompted Acer to scrap its original plan.

Instead, Acer moved the launching of its Windows RT tablet to the second quarter of 2013 as it monitors the performance of Microsoft’s Surface tablet in the tablet market.

Acer has been struggling to meet their projected profit for 2013, reporting just $2.32 million profit in the third quarter of the current fiscal year.

Nonetheless, Lin admitted that Microsoft’s newest software, Windows 8, is set to change the competitive dynamics of the industry. He added that Windows 8 will eventually help Acers to achieve its goals next year.

Acer also asserted that it will continue to engage in the smartphone business despite getting entangled in a nasty rift between Google and Chinese enterprise group Alibaba.


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