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60% Of U.S Smartphone Users Want To Customize Their Own Data Plans

Now here’s a study done by Strategy Analytics that really isn’t surprising. Strategy Analytics did a study, and the results of that study said that 60-percent of smartphone users in the United States would prefer that they have the ability to customize their data plans. Keep in mind that it is not secret that carriers structure their plans so that the consumer is overpaying for data, calls and texts that you aren’t even in using. When you consider that unlimited data plans are only available on two of the four big carriers in the United States (T-Mobile and Sprint) it isn’t surprising that users with tiered plans would prefer to have a few more options to stretch their money out a bit more than what it’s already getting dumped into.

Interestingly enough, only a few users — 56 percent — in the United Kingdom would prefer the ability to customize their data plans more. Users in China were at a whole lot higher rate — 76-percent — wanting more abilities to customize their data plans.

Considering how much carriers are banking it in, I doubt that we will be seeing any serious customization without the carriers finding another way to make a quick buck off of their users.

If you had the ability to create your own data plan, what would you put into it? I personally would want a 10GB plan with tethering, unlimited voice and texting for the $100 (excluding overages) I pay every month. Of course, I wouldn’t mind paying more for an unlimited data plan as well.

source: Strategy Analytics

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