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32GB Microsoft Surface RT Only has 16GB of User Accessible Storage


So you just got yourself a 32GB Microsoft Surface RT tablet, and are feeling adventurous about the things you can do with all that 32GB of space inside. But wait, you suddenly realize there’s only a little more than 16GB left of the internal storage. Man, where did all the storage go? Well, there’s a reason it is that way and there’s no need to panic. Microsoft has come out and answered user queries claiming less storage space than mentioned on the device.

Well, basically the Windows system recovery tools take up about 5GB of space. And then 8GB for MS Office, Windows RT and other more than handy apps which come bundled with the tablet, so that’s 13GB of storage you lose right out of the box. And since Windows unlike other OSes displays storage space in the binary rather than decimal, 32GB actually means 29GB (1GB = 0.93GB). So there you go, with 13GB of storage already consumed, what the user is left with is 16GB or a little more if they intend to remove certain apps. The same story goes with any other device really, where we don’t exactly get what we bargain for. Take the HTC One X for example, which comes with 32GB of storage but only 26GB is user accessible.  That’s understandable as the operating system also takes up some space. With the MS Surface RT though, there are plenty of apps which you don’t get with any other tablet, so I guess the users wouldn’t particularly mind the bargain.

It seems like users will be better off getting the 64GB variant of the tablet, as that offers 46GB of free space for large amounts of data. Considering that the price difference is a mere $100 (with the Touch Cover), I’m guessing Microsoft wants to make the 64GB variant more appealing. One major positive for the Surface RT is that it supports microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC and USB flash drives and hard drives (USB 2.0). The tablet also comes with Microsoft’s standard 10GB of cloud storage with SkyDrive. This is something which most tablets out there don’t offer, especially the Apple iPad which is Microsoft’s main rival in the field. So will this little niggle be a deal breaker for the potential buyer, or is this something one can live with given that there are plenty of memory expansion options? Let us know by dropping a line below.

Source: Microsoft
Via: Phone Arena

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