16GB Nexus 4 Shows Up On Daily Steals

It’s been quite a frustrating ride for consumers who were looking to purchase a Nexus 4 but were met with numerous technical difficulties in the Play Store. Regardless, the Nexus 4 16GB variant is available on Daily Steals today for a whopping $499. That’s a good $150 more than what Google has been charging in its Play Store. Although, since you can’t get one out of the Play Store due to it being out of stock, this might just be something worth looking into. Since we don’t know when the Play Store will be back in stock, its no surprise that some would try to take advantage of that.

You can grab a 16GB Nexus 4 priced at $499 on Daily Steals until midnight or until their stock runs low. No doubt there will be quite a few eager consumers trying to grab one of these, so get ’em while you can! As Talk Android notes, this sale has already surpassed how long Google was able to keep the device in the Play Store. At least we aren’t experiencing the insanity on the Play Store, right?

I’m sort of curious as to how Daily Steals managed to grab a batch of Nexus 4’s before Google or even T-Mobile. Maybe they set up a deal with Google earlier on, or maybe they are responsible for making the Play Store run out of stock so fast? Regardless, they have Nexus 4’s available, and once word starts getting out, there is no doubt that this sale won’t be lasting that long.

Are you going to pick one up?

source: Daily Steals
via: Talk Android 

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