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Zynga Slashes Their Roster During Apple Press Event

Zynga once again has been trying to avoid a bunch of bad PR by announcing that they have just laid off a little over a 100 employee’s that were working on Bingo and TheVille at their offices in Austin. This was cleverly timedduring Apple’s iPad Mini event today so that they could possibly avoid getting any sort of bad press. Unfortunately for them, Zynga has caught the attention of the media at full force, especially from Twitter where angry users and former employee’s voice out the complaint. It is also rumored that Zynga could be laying off other employee’s across the country soon as well.

Justin Maxwell, who has been a former employee of Apple, Sony, Mint and Smule was the one to break this news. He announced that Zynga workers were apparently given a mere two hours to clean out their desks and vacant the office. Maxwell apparently learned this news straight from his friends who worked at Zynga and were included in these unfortunate layoffs, and that’s just where he learned this news from. Zynga employees themselves probably were not able to talking about being laid off.

Josh Constine from Techcrunch mentions that earlier this month Zynga’s share price had taken a massive drop after the company reduced earning and revenue projections for the upcoming year. During that time, CEO Mark Pincus said that there would be “targeted cost reductions” in many areas, which is the nice way of saying layoffs. So yes, layoffs have been expected, but the announce during Apple’s iPad Mini event that most of the tech industry was watching makes it seem like Zynga was trying to minimize all of the bad press that they could have potentially gotten. Shouldn’t they know by now that trying to do things in secret is usually louder than publicly announcing things? I would expect with them trying to do the same thing earlier this year they would have learned by now.

There is still a little hope for Zynga, things have not been looking good for them as of late though. Constine mentions that if they could find a way to inspire their reaming employee’s to fulfill the company’s mission of connection the world through games they might just have a chance at staying afloat. For now though, Zynga is running out of chances, and if things continue as they are, we may see Zynga in for some really bad times fairly soon here. That’s the nice way of saying that they’re going to have to fire a lot of its roster.

Hopefully Zynga will be able to figure out some of these issues in the company. It is definitely sad that Zynga has to slash the roster to stay afloat right now due to the popularity of their games decreasing, but if they can just get some good ideas flowing and inspire their employees into creativity, things could potentially go really well for them.

Do you have any thoughts on all of this? How do you think Zynga could improve?

source: Tech Crunch

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