Zombiewood For Android Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Downloads: Google Play | iTunes

If you are looking for some good Halloween games, you may just want to look at Gameloft’s new free game, Zombiewood. This shouldn’t be confused with Zynga’s ZombieSmash that I reviewed a week ago, as it is something entirely different. If you have ever heard of games like Dungeon Siege, Diablo or Torchlight on the PC, you should be able to picture almost perfectly what Zombiewood is all about. It is an action, and instead of the medieval theme, it takes on a modern day theme with guns, explosives and etc.

Of course, with all action games, a huge problem is a lack of monster to fight. Thankfully in Zombiewood there is no lack of that whatsoever. There are twenty different weapons that you will be able to fight the zombies back with, so there is no shortage of variety. Now, you may be thinking that this is a Gameloft game and it is just not worth playing as usual. They have arguably been making some good stuff as of late, but I would have to say that Zombiewood is their best title yet. It is new, it is fresh and is definitely one of the more unique zombie-themed games on the Play Store right now. Not to mention that you can play the game for free to. I was surprised that they didn’t stick their standard $6.99 price tag on the game.

Graphics in Zombiewood are actually really fantastic. This is probably the strong point of the game as everything is very clean and easy on the eyes despite the amount of colors flashing everywhere. On previous Gameloft games I have noticed a bit of weird graphics, thankfully Zombiewood is not plagued by those issues. Really, there is not a whole lot to say about the gameplay. One of the most essential and fun parts about action games is that the goal is to just blow things up. Zombiewood excels in this area and isn’t another boring action game. It is actually really good and is entirely worth a playthrough if you are looking for a good game to play during the Halloween festivities.

The only “issue” that this game has is the lack of support for controllers. I’ve seen a lot of people typically play with a Bluetooth controller on their Android device, so the lack of support and lag coming from the game with the controller was rather disappointing, but it is still fairly easy to play without.

I highly recommend this game if you are looking to blow up zombies on the streets of Los Angeles. This is definitely one of Gameloft’s better games, and I look forward to seeing the same quality come from the developer in future titles. One thing that you should be really appreciative of in this game is the fact that Gameloft will be adding new content to Zombiewood very regularly, so there will always be something to do in this new world that Gameloft has created!

The game sits at a mere 311MB download as opposed to the usual 2GB+.

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