Your First Android Device: Saving Battery Life [How To]

Battery life has been something that has been terrible in recent updates to Ice Cream Sandwich. Thankfully there are ways that will help you save battery life, even though Ice Cream Sandwich has reduced it drastically on a lot of devices, such as the Atrix 2. I’ve noticed with my Atrix 2 and its recent update, the battery life has been reduced drastically. I used to get 12hrs of battery life, and now I only get 6. One way to fix this, I use this app from Motorola called “Smart Actions” which allows you to set up various rules to decrease the activity on your handset. Say your battery life is sitting at 25% or less, at that time, you can tell smart actions to dim the screen, turn off mobile data, turn off the GPS and etc. If you have a device that can use Motorola’s Smart Actions, you can head on over to the download link at the bottom of the guide to grab it for free.

The other thing that is included in Ice Cream Sandwich is a sort of task manager. By holding down the home button (at least on the Atrix 2) you can open up the list of applications that are open and close them by sliding it off the screen. That way, they aren’t running in the background and taking up extra battery life that you could using for a call or something important you need to do while out and about. If you check the “task manager” often, you should be able to add a good 2 – 3 extra hours of battery life on your handset.

On the flip side of things, there are various battery savers and task managers for free on Google Play if you want to take a look at those. Some of them are fairly glitchy, but others work fantastically well aside from their own little quirks. Those are just a few ways to save battery life, but I really would suggest going for something like Smart Actions. I have been absolutely amazed as to how helpful it has been. It also has a lot of things in it that will help save your mobile data, keep the ringer on and off, and so on. It is just an amazing application, which is surprising since a lot of Motorola’s apps tend to be pretty useless and not very beneficial to your phones and/or tablets. The best part is that it is free!

Again, just a few small ways to save battery life on your Android device, which should prove to be very helpful to you in the case that you are out all day long. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean adds quite a few fixes to the operating system, so when you get that you should also notice a battery life improvement. Until then though, hopefully this guide will help you keep a lot of your battery life instead of it getting drained swiftly by your new Ice Cream Sandwich update!

Any suggestions to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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