Your First Android Device: Customizing Your Handset With Your Personality [How To]

Hopefully this guide is easy to follow. I’m going to be using the Motorola Atrix 2, so something may work differently depending on what device you are rocking. First, some of the stock wallpapers are just beautiful. The Atrix 2 comes with some really sweet ones, and I haven’t really opted for anything else. On the other hand, some of the wallpapers that you have on your handset may not be so good. In that case, you can head over to the Play Store, search for “Zedge,” and then download that. From there, you can search all of the wallpapers you’d like (along with ringtones and notification sounds, we’ll get to that momentarily).

On the Atrix 2, what you do is hold down on the screen util a menu pops up, after that menu pops up you press on the “Wallpapers” icon where it will show you a numerous amount of wallpapers where you can customize your home screen. This is the general way, but I haven’t had a chance to play around with some of the newer phones, so that may not be a 100% accurate for your phone. In that case, you can just use Zedge to download and set a wallpaper.

Next, your Android comes with different ringtones and notification sounds, but they tend to really suck. Again, I highly suggest going back into the Zedge app and just spending a few minutes (hours even) trying to find a ringtone and notification sound that really fits your personal style, as again, the Android ones really aren’t unique. I should mention that Zedge is free, so you won’t be spending any extra hard earned cash on anything extra here. It’s also worth nothing that there are a lot of vulgar ringtones on Zedge — so, if you have a kid around (or if you’re concerned about that), some of the stuff on their should be highly rated as NSFW. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to censor stuff, so might I suggest the classic Star Wars theme song as a ringtone?

So, after you take all of those steps your phone should now be able to play all of the sounds that you wish it to play, along with having a cool wallpaper design that you picked out. Again, if you have the Atrix 2, I would highly suggest taking a look at their stock wallpapers, as some are really creative and just downright beautiful.

There are other ways to customize your device through root methods and various ROMs, but I am not experienced in that area, and I tend to just keep my phone what it’s like straight out of the box. You can use these same methods for tablets, but alternatively, you can also purchase an app that allows for higher customization than normal. It’s a pretty cool app, and is well worth the $10 they ask for.

That’s all for now though. Stay tuned for our next guide on how to keep your data usages low to avoid those nasty extra charges from your chosen carrier!

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