Your First Android Device: Applications You Must Have [How To]

Now that your new Android device is all set up and ready to go, you are really going to need some good apps to get you through the day! These apps that are listed below are not necessarily “needed,” but will definitely prove to be helpful to you during your adventures during the day. Take a look!

Facebook — Okay, this is something that most devices should have pre-loaded, but on the basis that you don’t have it, it really is useful. Not just for staying connected with friends, but for finding things around you that you were/are looking for. Say you are looking to find a coffee shop, forgot what it was called and don’t have an address, it’s easy to just launch Facebook and try and find the page you may have “liked” a couple hours ago. While I am not an advocate for extreme Facebook usage, there are some cases where it is am extremely helpful tool.

Instagram — Instagram is essentially just a photo editing tool that helps you improve the quality of your photos. I like Instagram a lot because when I am out and about, and find something really cool and/or beautiful on my way to wherever I am going, it’s quick and easy to snap a photo with this app and give it a few edits. This isn’t a needed app, but for anyone that loves photos and taking photos, this is something you should definitely be looking into.

Vlingo — If you aren’t running Jelly Bean on your Android device, something you may want to look into is known as “Vlingo.” Vlingo is a voice assistant that will easily allow you to text and call family and friends through some very well designed in-car voice commands. With the help of this application, there’s not really a need to grab your phone while your driving to answer a phone call and/or text message. It’s a cool little app, and is surprisingly well built, not to mention that it is entirely free.

Twitter — Twitter is something that I use all of the time. In today’s world, it is extremely helpful, and is also where most of my messages come from. Most people just opt to get my attention via Twitter and it works extremely well that way. I rarely get an e-mail for someone I am working with, as they opt to go for the Direct Message feature in Twitter or just a simple mention. So, if it makes people easier to get a hold of you through Twitter, I think this is an application that you MUST get.

Reddit — Lastly, if you are a fellow Redditor, you should know that there is a free app to stay up to date with all of the Reddits. Of course, if you’re not a fellow redditor, get it anyway. Taking some time out of your day to have a little fun is well worth it. Not to mention that there is tons of information on their as well (recipes, new designs, and etc).

Hopefully the suggestions were helpful, and it will help you with better use of your new device!

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