Xbox SmartGlass Now Available For Android

Just a few days ago, Microsoft announced that they would be producing a new app for Google Play. Dubbed Xbox SmartGlass, the app will be creating a connection between a users Xbox 360 and their mobile device. Talk Android reports app is very similar to other applications like IntoNow or Netflix, which will enable users of those apps on your big screen TV while controlling all of the content from your device. These applications will prove you with access to a bunch of other information about the content and social media interaction with a bunch of other fans. Xbox SmartGlass is supposed to be doing the same thing for users that are in the possession of  an Xbox Live Gold subscription along with the console itself.

When Microsoft had originally released a video showcasing Xbox SmartGlass, it implied that that it would be released today with support only for Windows 8 powered devices. Supposedly, both Android and iOS versions were not likely to appear until earlier on in 2013. Of course, who’s really complaining about this? The earlier the better!

Xbox SmartGlass for Android is now available for free in the Google Play Store. Again, you do have to have a subscription with Xbox Live Gold and an Xbox 360 console. The application does require that your handset or tablet has Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and up (they have not said if devices back on Gingerbread will be supported eventually or not). Microsoft has also said that whatever you are running the app on, a WVGA screen resolution or better is required as well. Another cool thing that is packed in the Xbox SmartGlass app is that it can be used as a remote keyboard for all of your Xbox games and applications. Microsoft has also said that you can also browse the internet with full keyboard and zooming too, but it is still not clear whether or not that means using a browser on the Xbox or a browser on your smartphone that will then be mirrored through the Xbox.

If you’re interested in giving the Xbox SmartGlass for Android a go, you can head to one of the download links for your respective devices below. Make sure to tell us how the application is working out for you, especially the internet browsing as that has been a bit vague and confusing. It would be really nice if this was cleared up a bit officially though. Also, let us know if Xbox SmartGlass is something that you would use on a regular basis, or if it’s just a cool idea that needs a bit more work. It personally sounds really good, but not having an Xbox 360 or the needed subscription, I couldn’t give this a recommendation or no recommendation at all. One thing I did hear on the Google Play reviews is that this app drastically needs a landscape mode instead of being restricted to portrait mode though.

And who knows, maybe this means that we’ll be seeing Xbox Music earlier than expected as well?

Download Link For Android Devices

source: talk android

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