Xbox Music launching this month with ad supported streaming

When Microsoft discontinued some of the Zune services some time back, we should have guessed that the rumors about the Xbox Music service were true. Too bad if you did not believe such rumors, because the service is indeed real and coming your way pretty soon. Bloomberg had claimed in last June that the Redmonnd based software giant will soon start a Spotify like music service which will have cloud storage and syncing services for its users by this fall. But the Redmond tech giant released a statement saying that “launching a new music service on Xbox this fall are inaccurate,” but the very next month the company discontinued some of the Zune services, indicating that some other service will soon replace this.

Today, anonymous sources have tipped Polygon that the Redmond software giant will launch the Xbox Music service along side the new operating system it is launching on the 26th of this month. The company had said that the launch of the new Windows 8 operating system will bring with it a lot of surprises for customers, and I guess we are getting a hold of the statement.

Reportedly, there will be two types of offerings in the Xbox Music service. One will a free streaming service, but obviously ad supported. So you will get short ad clips between different tracks being streamed. Another will be the paid version of the service, which will not have the annoying ad streaming. Also, the ad supported version might have a limit the number of tracks that can be streamed per month, or the number the hours that the songs can be streamed per month.

The pricing for the premium service is not yet known, maybe we will know that only with the official announcement of the service. But the service is said to have Sky Drive support for synced playlists and music libraries across supported devices.

Source: Joystiq

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