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Xbox 360 To Offer Internet Explorer Connectivity

Software giant Microsoft will include the Internet Explorer Browser as one of their new updates to their gaming console XBOX 360 dashboard simultaneously with the unveiling of Windows 8 on October 26, the company announced this week.

According to Cnet reporter Dana Kerr, XBOX 360 users can now be able to add their personal touch on their dashboard, watch live stream videos, bookmark favorite site with the inclusion of Internet Explorer browser.

Internet Explorer’s General Manager Ryan Gavin announced the browser will be available soon on Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold members.

“Starting today Internet Explorer will begin being rolled out on Xbox LIVE and will be available to Xbox LIVE Gold members,” Gavin told Wednesday “IE on Xbox enables you to view content on the web on your TV and includes great features like the ability to personalize your dashboard by pinning your favorite web sites and watching HTML5 videos on the web.”

The inclusion of Internet Explorer to the Xbox 360 system was long anticipated since the beginning of 2012. During the E3 gaming conference, Microsoft already gave tech enthusiasts a sneak peak of the Internet Explorer-enabled Xbox, which would allow Microsoft to further expand the functionality of the Xbox system.

Aside from internet connectivity on the gaming console, users will also have access to use Window 8’s Xbox Smart Glass on Web features such us scrolling, pinch, zoom, and text input. This feature is available to Xbox Live Gold members, which requires a fee of $50 per year.

Microsoft also announced the addition of 30 million music tracks to the Xbox Music service, which allow users to stream music for free and create custom playlists.

Xbox Music will be available on Xbox 360 consoles, PCs, and Windows 8 Tablets and soon on Windows Phone 8.

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