Why Android users can still be smug with their gadgets

Apple aficionados have long been accused of being excessively smug about their various devices and being a part of Apple’s wider consumer network. It seems like Apple thrives on sustaining dedicated, loyal and, well, smug followers.

However, with the recent introduction of the iPhone 5 and the ensuing debates of whether Apple has finally shot itself in the foot, one wonders whether Android users finally have the chance to be smug themselves. This article seeks to determine whether this is the case or not.


We all know who won this war, eventually. The new Apple Maps app bombed quite badly in September. It clearly didn’t match up to Google Maps, which boasts Street View and transit directions.

Apart from that, there were some colossal embarrassments shortly after its launch when it marked an entire city as a hospital and classified a nursery as an airport, among other things. Its 3D view makes everything look structurally destroyed and devastated. A clear win for Google Android users.

User Customization

Again, this is something that gives Android users a massive advantage over Apple iOS users. Customization for Apple users is difficult and more or less impossible unless you hack your device, which may void your warranty.

Overall, ‘power-users’ probably have more leeway with using Android phones. If you’re somewhat of a technophobe, you’re probably in for a more simple and straightforward ride with iOS.

Internet Browsing

Apple can no longer stake claim to the fact that they have the smoothest-running Internet on a smartphone any longer.

Google has now introduced Chrome bookmarks sync, which lets you save websites for browsing later on, which can be very useful for those who don’t have unlimited Internet.

Siri vs. Google Now Voice Search

Some would say Siri is better suited to receiving verbal commands and that it even has a built-in sense of humour. However, this is likely to be short-lived, given Google’s rapid expansion in their voice technology.

It’s obviously far better for Google searches; that goes without saying. Google has also improved their user interface for different kinds of informational results, such as currency conversions.

Multiple phones for one OS

Finally, the one advantage Android will always have over Apple is the fact that you can run Android on a variety of different phones. On the other hand, iOS only works on the iPhone, a clear disadvantage if you’re looking to try out something different.

Android now runs over a whopping 600 phones and tablets which clearly gives users more choice over the monotheistic iOS, which can only run on iPhones and iPads.

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