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What’s the Smart Rotation Feature on the Galaxy Note 2 all about?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 follows in the footsteps of the original Galaxy Note which broke cover last year. However, things are a little different this time around and we see plenty of new features on board the new Samsung flagship. We all remember the iconic Smart Stay feature from the Galaxy S III which would turn off the display when the user falls asleep or closes his/her eyes whilst using the device. This feature is obviously on board the Note 2, but now something known as Smart Rotation has been found to be on the device. Little has been heard about this feature before, but thanks to Android Central we now know what it is.

Well basically when this feature is enabled on the device, the orientation of the display will change automatically depending on the angle at which the user is viewing the display. What this means is that if you’re lying down and the orientation is at an awkward angle, the Note 2 will change it according to your positioning. This is a more than handy feature as a device of this stature will rarely be held in the user’s hands all along. ¬†Evidently this feature makes use of the front facing camera which is similar to how the Smart Stay feature works. However, there will have to be sufficient light coming through for the sensor to judge the angle of your face. So if you’re lying down in your bed at night and trying to read something, this might not work to a great extent. Regardless, this is a great feature to have and is not enabled by default so users can turn it on or off according to their convenience.

This feature along with the many goodies of the S-Pen make the Galaxy Note 2 a worthy buy. The device is already available for sale in the UK while carriers are getting their own versions of the device in the States with LTE on board. The device will formally arrive on October 24th in the U.S, so there’s not much time left. What’s interesting is that Google is expected to announce a successor to the Galaxy Nexus sometime this month, so it will be interesting to see if that will make any difference for the potential buyers. It would be wise though to wait until we’ve seen the Nexus just to make sure.

Via: Android Central

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