What Makes Android Great For Games

Android was designed by a group of companies including the world’s biggest internet search engine Google. Their goal was to create a mobile phone operating system that was interchangeable with different phones meaning there would be an industry standard; making it easier for games designers and app creators to get their work out to a wider audience. It would also mean that companies wanting to create a handset for this remarkable new system would be able to transfer their existing skills in computer languages to the mobile world.

Looking at the world’s mobile market now we see that Android are well in the lead. This is partly due to the fact that their OS is designed to be available on as many handsets as possible. This market saturation means that there are more companies clamouring to get on the Android bandwagon and with good reason. Thanks to its versatility and accessibility it’s an easy choice for many consumers.

Alongside the OS there are other reasons that many companies have been able to enjoy success on the Android platform. Android is one of the few handheld OS’s that support Flash. Flash is the language that most games you will find on the internet are written in. This means that Android can offer unparalleled support and functionality for nearly everything you might want to find online. Games, such as those you might find at an online poker site like the one offered by Ladbrokes, are perfectly suited to run on any Android device as are thousands upon thousands of other sites. So whether you’re looking for up to the minute news headlines or just fancy a quick hand of poker in your lunch break there’s only one obvious choice when it comes to hand-held devices.

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