What I Bought During The 25-Cent App Sale On Google Play

I personally didn’t think that some of the 25-cent apps were that good this time around, but on Day 5 I was like a kid in a candy store. There were so many good ones, I just had to get them. Some of these apps were The Dark Knight Rises, Horn, SketchBook Pro, and Great Big War Game. These apps are particularly good on the tablet, and with my recent Transformer Pad purchase, getting The Dark Knight Rises and Horn for 25 cents was a huge deal. I’ve been particularly wanting to try out Horn on the tablet, as it seemed like an amazing app to test out on the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. With all of that said, allow me to go over these particular ones that I purchased.

Horn — This specific title is 3rd person action adventure game with stunning 3d visuals on specific devices. To give you a quick overview, in Horn you play as a young blacksmith’s apprentice named Horn. His village is now run by monsters, and not only that, but the village is under a curse. Then, of course, you are the one that has to save it. As far as I could tell, the game runs really smoothly and looks beautiful. This app is something I would highly recommend while the 25 cent sale is still going.

Great Big War Game — I reviewed this title on the Motorola Atrix 2 a while back, so there really isn’t much to say about it, as you can read out review for yourself. I do want to mention that Great Big War Game plays a lot better on the tablet. One reason is that a turn-based game with a fairly large map is much better to use on a bigger 10″ screen as opposed to a 4 inch screen. Not only that, but with my tablet powered by the Tegra 3 chip, it runs a lot smoother and has little to not stuttering.

The Dark Knight Rises — In terms of graphics, it is hard to say whether The Dark Knight Rises or Horn is better. Still, they both run smooth, and was well worth it for 25 cents. The Dark Knight Rises was reported to have a few issues graphically, but they seemed to have fixed that in a patch or something. It runs very smoothly, and is something I can’t help but suggest for 25 cents.

SketchBook Pro — I’m going to assume that there aren’t a whole lot of people that are particularly interested in this app. I enjoy sketching, and knowing that Autodesk was apart of this 25 cent sale, I couldn’t help myself but get the app. I can’t really tell you about performance, as there really isn’t anything to talk about with an advanced drawing pad. What I can tell you is that I really enjoy this application on the 10 inch screen. It is highly enjoyable.

Those are the apps I bought during the 25 cent sale. I thought those were really the only notable ones that had some great quality too them during this sale, so I figured I would go over them real quick! At the time of this writing, the 25 cent sale for day 5 is still going, so you can grab yourself a copy of one of these apps too!