Verizon sold 6.8 million smartphones in Q3 2012

Ever since Verizon introduced the Share Everything data plans, the number of subscribers to the wireless network has increased. There are so many people now in the country who are using just one data connection on one of their Verizon branded devices and sharing the connection with every other device they have. Now, the new reported released says that the United States’ one of the largest wireless carriers has sold over 6.8 million smart phones in the third quarter of this year. That is really great. Slash Gear explains the revenue in the following way:

Verizon Wireless sold 6.8m smartphones in the last quarter, with service revenues in Q3 2012 climbing 7.5-percent year-on-year and 1.8m new customers inking agreements. Revenues hit $16.2bn for the three month period in wireless, with smartphones now comprising more than 53-percent of Verizon’s mobile users. Meanwhile, the average spend by those users is also up, with average revenue per account (a switch away from average revenue per user) climbing 6.5-percent to $145.42 per month.

Elsewhere in Verizon’s business, wireless customers grew in number, with 136,000 new FiOS internet connections and 119,000 new FiOS Video connections; in total, there are now 5.3m subscribing to FiOS internet and 4.6m subscribing to FiOS Video. Average revenue per user has risen above $150, and two-thirds of customers use FiOS for their phone, internet, and video service.

Overall, Verizon’s operating revenues were up 3.9-percent year-on-year to $29bn, with Q3 operating income up to $5.5bn. “Verizon continued to deliver double-digit earnings growth and strong cash generation, and we remain solidly on track to meet our financial objectives for the year” CEO Lowell McAdam said of the results.

Being a Verizon subscriber has its own advantages, such as the unlimited sharing data plan. Are you one of those lucky guys who bought one more smart phones from Verizon?

Source: Slash Gear

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