Verizon LG Spectrum getting ICS update

Back in July this year, it was hinted officially by LG that it would “soon” release an update for the popular LG Spectrum, an update to then latest version of Android, Android 4.0 and also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. But that “soon” never came. Users of the LG Spectrum smart phone started getting angry on Verizon and LG for not letting the update out. I’m sure many people just got pissed off and changed their smart phones.

But now, the official announcement is again out that the wireless carrier is ready to release the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the smart phone. So if you are using your LG Spectrum, you are after all, finally, going to get the update to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Verizon and LG will be sending out notifications to all LG Spectrum smart phones when the update will be ready. So when you get the update notification on your smart phone, you can download the update over the air (OTA), or you can use the Update Assistant Tool on your computer to download the update from Verizon’s servers to your computer and then install the update. However, over the air update is always the preferred way to update your smart phone as it is less messy and an easy process.

Verizon recently released an update to LG Lucid 4G, and if you have seen the new updated firmware on that smart phone, you can expect what kind of update you would get, as the two updates are expected to be similar.

The new features that will be coming along with the operating system update will include “a customizable lock screen, a new launch bar, recent apps window, enhanced notification panel, data usage monitoring, power saver function, and other improvements,” according to Android Authority.

So, are you excited that you are finally getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update or are you already over it completely?

Source: Android Authority

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