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Verizon HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE gets updated

Verizon has managed to sell quite a few HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE handsets. Being a fairly new device, it already runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, and now Verizon has approved an update, and this is the first update after the initial launch of the device.

The update comes with a software build ID of 2.17.605.2. The update brings few new features and couple of bug fixes. Speaking of some major changes that will come to Verizon HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE handset include global roaming support across 220 countries and support for Isis Mobile Wallet. In addition to the main additions, some other features include improved LTE and WiFi connectivity, Verizon’s Remote Diagnostics tool and support for Tango.

Global roaming support is a pretty big step as it will allow users to travel abroad and still use their phone even at places where there is no Verizon, but at a cost of course. Isis is another major feature and we welcome it whole heartedly. If you don’t know what ISIS is, it is basically a mobile payment solution which is a product of joint venture between various carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless in the mobile payment space. It was announced on 16th November 2010 and the system makes use of the latest NFC (near field communication) technology in order to make payments. Sprint is not part of the consortium. Technically, it is very similar or same as Google Wallet which also makes use of NFC, but seems like each and every one would like to have a piece of pie.

Mobile payment system is as of now still in its infancy, but ISIS will introduce the system to masses so that someday mobile payments will be a common thing. Isis will be coming to the market soon, and it is said that this device will be the first one to feature it.

This update will apparently also increase battery life. As said earlier, LTE and WiFi connectivity has been improved. According to the carrier, the update will improve 4G LTE connectivity in general, and switching from 3G to 4G should be relatively more seamless and quicker, thus resulting in lower power consumption. According to the documentation, the transition from WiFi and 4G LTE has also undergone changes.

It should be noted that Verizon recently dropped the price of the DROID Incredible 4G LTE to $99 on 2-year contract, but in my opinion the screen is kind of poor and build quality feels cheap, and I doubt myself committing to stick with this device for 2 years. Droid Razr M is relatively a better option in the $99 range. You may even find better deals if you dig some, like is selling this device for $29.99 only.

The update weighs 154 MB and should arrive to the device within the next 24-48 hours. Let us know how the update goes for you and if you face any glitches in the comment section below.

Source: Verizon

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